Kenko 67mm Real Pro ND 1000 Filter

Kenko 67mm Real Pro ND 1000 Filter

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Product Highlights
Neutral density filters are among the most commonly used types of filter, along with C-PL (polarising) and UV filters. They are used to decrease the amount of light entering the lens, allowing for longer exposures in brighter conditions – true ND filters decrease the light equally in order to achieve the same density through the entire visual spectrum, giving no changes in color balance of the image. Hence the term "neutral".

Why ND filters are important
We have entered the era of super high sensitivity, super high resolution sensors. The imaging potential of these sensors is hugely affected by the optical quality of lenses and any accessories that sit between the light and the camera accessories. A filter such as the ND1000 filter serves as the front “gate” for the light to enter, and its optical quality is therefore of the utmost importance.

When to use ND 1000 filters
Kenko REALPRO ND1000 filters are designed for use with latest DSLRs and other highly sensitive cameras. They allow photographers to use long exposures to capture striking, dynamic images of subjects in motion with unique blur effects. They're recommended for use in landscapes, cityscapes, video, nature shots – anywhere and anything that might be enhanced by a longer exposure.

Key Features
ND Vacuum Deposition Technology
To achieve the best neutrality in the world, Kenko REALPRO ND1000 filters adopt ND Vacuum Deposition Technology, in which a steam oven is used to ensure the ND substance is spread evenly over the filter's glass surface. As a result, compared with other brand ND filters, all Kenko REALPRO ND filters perform with excellent neutrality through the entire visual light spectrum, ensuring stable colour balance of the image.

IR pollution
ND Vacuum Deposition Technology also offers the solution to the problem of IR pollution. During a typical sunny day, with a lot of IR light in the atmosphere, long shutter speeds may result in colour changes affecting black, green or dark objects, giving them a brown or reddish tint. Thanks to the exhaustive efforts of Kenko engineers, ND Vacuum Deposition Technology has delivered incredible progress in neutrality, desirable light transmittance and control of IR, leading to more netural, unpolluted images.

Anti-reflection multi coating
Strong highlights can affect the images produced by highly sensitive digital cameras, creating unwanted effects due to light refraction originating within the lens. Filters, as they are also optical elements, can make this situation even worse, which is why they need anti-reflective coating. Kenko ND1000 filters adopt anti-reflective multi coating to eliminate even the smallest chance of unwanted flare and ghosting in the image.

Black almite frame
To reduce unwanted reflections, the REALPRO ND1000 filters adopt a black aluminum satin-finish almite frame. The satin finish increases friction between fingers and frame for quick operation, while the satin black minimises internal reflections.

UV protected case
Every REALPRO filter comes with durable, re-usable plastic case with UV-Cut protection, lengthening the life of the filter by shielding it from UV rays.
Attribute Value
Thread size (mm):67
Effect / Type:ND

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