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Selling your equipment on Lens Lab is easy and fun. We don't force you to spend your money on our website like most retailers do. The service is a secure and fast way to turn your old gear into cash. We buy cameras and almost any photographic equipment.

The process is easy. Use the form to tell us about the equipment you want to sell. We will quote you a price based on your description. If you are happy with this price we will send a courier to collect. After we inspect the goods we send you a cheque in the post or credit your account directly. It's that simple.

If you don't like our price we will also offer you to list the goods on our website for free. When it sells we will deliver the camera and you get paid.


Equipment selling FAQs

If I dont like the price you offer and I dont want it listed on the Lens Lab website?

We send your camera back fully insured at our cost.

What if my equipment is damaged in transit?

Our couriers are insured. Your equipment is safe.

How long does it take to sell equipment when an agreement has been made?

It usually takes about 2 days.

How long is our offer open for?

When we give you an estimate for a piece of equipment it is valid for 48 hours, if you get back to us after that time we are likely to offer the same price but we may need to adjust our offer.

What if the goods are not described accurately?

If you fail to tell us something material about the equipment that only becomes apparent to us when we inspect it, we may adjust our final price accordingly. For example if there is a large scratch, a dent, something is missing etc. If you are not happy with the adjustment, you can chose to list it on our site or have it returned.

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