Loaning your equipment

The process of loaning your equipment is much the same as selling it to us only you can ask for it back at any time. We store your equipment securely. When another member hires your gear, you get a commission. You will receive 50% of the value of the hire.

Do not worry if you cannot find your equipment on our site. If we don't currently hire something that you have, it is still possible to list your item. No matter how obscure your item is, there is probably someone out there interested in trying it. You can rest assured that your item will be fully insured when stored securely at our premises and when it's out earning you money!


Equipment loaning FAQs

What if my equipment is damaged in transit or on a hire?

Our couriers and hires are insured. Your equipment is safe. You are also welcome to drop of your equipment in person.

Spanish sun...

Our absolute favourite find was the Museo Sorolla, a celebration of the life and work of Joaquin Sorolla (1863-1923). The museum was once the home of this influential painter.


Clash of the Cameras!

Clash of the Cameras

Looking for gift ideas for photography friends? These playing cards allow photo fans to play famous cameras off against each other in a classic top-trumps style card game.


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