Nitecore USB Travel Charger for Canon LP-E6/N and LP-E8 Li

Nitecore USB Travel Charger for Canon LP-E6/N and LP-E8 Li

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Upload date: 2017-09-04 Caption: Nitecore, © Nitecore

Upload date: 2017-09-04 Caption: Nitecore, © Nitecore

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The Nitecore UCN1 charger is designed exclusively for use with Canon camera batteries, specifically the LP-E6, LP-E6N and LP-E8.

Dual slots: Slot 1 is for LP-E6/LP-E6N, slot 2 is for LP-E8.
Product model: UCN1
Size: 8.5x5x2.3cm

Featuring two slots, one on the front and one on the back of the charger, the UCN1 provides a power source for your primary battery and a back up cell if required. The UCN1 has a USB cable to power it which can be plugged into a laptop, computer, USB adapter, power bank or solar panel. With a broad range of charging options available, the UCN1 is extremely adaptable to ensure your camera batteries are always ready to capture the perfect shot.

The UCN1 has a smart charging management system which monitors the battery type, capacity and internal resistance to apply the most appropriate charging current. The LCD display screen provides data on the charging status, including the charging current, battery voltage, battery level and battery capacity. In addition, the charger is able to bring back to life dormant batteries that haven't been used for a long time or are over-discharged.

Compatible with the following Canon camera models: EOS-70D, EOS-6D, EOS 60Da, EOS-5D Mark III, EOS-60D, EOS-7D, EOS 5DS, EOS 5DS R, EOS-7D Mark II, EOS-600D, EOS-700D, EOS 650D.

Input: DC 5V/2A
Output Voltage: B1 (LP-E6 / LP-E6N) 8.4V ± 1%
B2 (Lp-E8_ 8.4V ± 1%
Output Current: 1A (Max)
Input Type: USB
Output Type: Connection pins
Dimensions: 85 mm x 50 mm x 25 mm
Weight: 55.7 g
Compatible Batteries: Canon (LP-E6 / LP-E6N and LP-E8)
Attribute Value
Compatible with:Canon 5D Mk2, Mk3, Mk4, 5Ds, 5Ds R, 6D, 7D, 7D Mk2, 60D, 600a, 70D, XC10

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