Getting off auto: Photography fundamentals

Getting off auto: Photography fundamentals

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Learn how to create a shallow depth of field
Upload date: 2018-02-13 Caption: Learn how to create a shallow depth of field, © Peter Levenspiel

Learn how to blur or freeze moving objects (or people)
Upload date: 2018-02-13 Caption: Learn how to blur or freeze moving objects (or people), © Peter Levenspiel

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Duration:1 hour
Start time:Between 10.00pm and 1.00pm depending on the time of year, we will email exact details a few days prior.
Meeting point and times: We usually meet at a cafe near Paddington train station. Times are variable throughout the year so that we catch the sun coming up. You will get your exact start time and location when you make your booking.
Cancellation policy:You can cancel at anytime up to 48 hours before the course starts with a full refund or a half refund within 48 hours. If we have to cancel the course because of rain or any other unforeseen problem we will let you know as soon as possible by email or text message and you will receive a full refund or priority booking on another date. If you travel to a workshop that is cancelled we cannot be held liable for your travel costs or any other expenses you incur as a result of the workshop being cancelled by us.
What you need to bring:Warm clothes, we will be outside for the full 1 hour. Bring your camera and a tripod, you may also find a remote shutter trigger helpful. All of this is available to hire for a small fee, you can order this at the same time as making your booking.
Memory Cards:If you hire your equipment from us we will supply your camera with a memory card in it but you will not be able to take this away with you. You are welcome to use your own card in the camera. We will tell you what card type you need before the time of your booking. You will be able to buy an array of basic memory cards from your instructor on the evening with cash or by calling our office to make a credit card payment.
Hire opportunities:If you choose the hire option when booking we will bring all the equipment you will need to use along with us. This will usually be an entry or mid level Canon or Nikon digital SLR camera and a tripod. If you would like to make a special request for other equipment please do so at the time of booking.

Spanish sun...

Our absolute favourite find was the Museo Sorolla, a celebration of the life and work of Joaquin Sorolla (1863-1923). The museum was once the home of this influential painter.


Clash of the Cameras!

Clash of the Cameras

Looking for gift ideas for photography friends? These playing cards allow photo fans to play famous cameras off against each other in a classic top-trumps style card game.


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