Royal Courts of Justice to Parliament Photography Walkshop

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Upload date: 2018-05-30 Caption: Royal Courts of Justice to Parliament Photography Walkshop, Copyright notice: © Linsey Gooding

Upload date: 2018-05-30 Caption: Royal Courts of Justice to Parliament Photography Walkshop, Copyright notice: © Linsey Gooding

Upload date: 2018-05-30 Caption: Royal Courts of Justice to Parliament Photography Walkshop, Copyright notice: © Linsey Gooding

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Review date: 2018-05-30
Author: Richard Waterman
Peter made the group feel at ease and we instantly got along together even as total strangers
Peter was a very friendly approachable guy from the outset making it far easier for communication all round, he made the group feel at ease and we instantly got along together even as total strangers. We were lucky that only 4 out of the 6 who booked turned up. I think this is a manageable number with just one tutor so keeping to 4 might give more tutor/student time ratio. This is NOT a criticism in anyway.

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Instructors:Linsey Gooding has been taking photographs for nearly 30 years ever since his grandfather gave him his first film camera. Since that time he has moved along with technology into the digital age but his passion has not wavered. Most of Linsey's commissioned work relates to others passions such as cars, his last major one for the “Jaguar XK” magazine, although he also has a love for landscapes either urban or rural. During his time taking photos he has travelled widely and taken a vast number of images in all kinds of light.
Duration:2 hours
Start time:Between 6.00pm and 7.00pm depending on the time of year, we will email exact details a few days prior.
Meeting point and times: We usually meet at a cafe on the Strand. Times are variable throughout the year so that we catch the best light. You will get your exact start time and location when you make your booking.
Cancellation policy:You can cancel at anytime up to 48 hours before the course starts with a full refund or a half refund within 48 hours. If we have to cancel the course because of rain or any other unforeseen problem we will let you know as soon as possible by email or text message and you will receive a full refund or priority booking on another date. If you travel to a workshop that is cancelled we cannot be held liable for your travel costs or any other expenses you incur as a result of the workshop being cancelled by us.
Instructors:A professional instructor will give the group clear guidance on using the basic manual controls of your camera. There will be plenty of opportunity for 1 on 1 tuition throughout the evening.
What you need to bring:Warm clothes because it can get cold beside the sea at night. Bring your camera and a tripod, you may also find a remote shutter trigger helpful. All of this is available to hire for a small fee, you can order this at the same time as making your booking.
Memory Cards:If you hire your equipment from us we will supply your camera with a memory card in it but you will not be able to take this away with you. You are welcome to use your own card in the camera. We will tell you what card type you need before the time of your booking. You will be able to buy an array of basic memory cards from your instructor on the evening with cash or by calling our office to make a credit card payment.
Hire opportunities:If you choose the hire option when booking we will bring all the equipment you will need to use along with us. This will usually be an entry or mid level Canon or Nikon digital SLR camera and a tripod. If you would like to make a special request for other equipment please do so at the time of booking.
Whats not included:Travel to and from the start point, some cash for drinks or snacks if required.
Gifting:If you want to buy tickets for a friend as a gift, just pick the option under the dates field "GIFT: (Select dates later)". We will send you a gift card for you to give. The recipient can call us or use the code on the Gift Card to book dates to suit themselves.
Prerequisite experience:These walks are suitable for all levels of experience, from those who have never picked up a camera previously and perhaps just thinking about taking up photography as a hobby to seasoned pros, looking for a new way to get the edge over their competitors.
Minimum age:You must be at least 13 years old to take part. This workshop is great for young teenagers thinking of starting photography as a hobby or career. Parents or carers must chaperone teenagers under 18 as they take part in the workshop. Please tell us if you are, or someone you are booking for is under the age of 18.

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